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Imagine what could happen if someone could look at your screen without you knowing? These can put your pictures, videos, and other confidential information at risk. You'll never have these issues ever again with our privacy technology!

protect your personal files

Do you ever feel that prying eyes are looking at your phone? Have you ever been embarrassed or have had private information leaked by your own phone? SpyCase™ allows you to access your confidential information on your mobile devices with complete discretion.

Features & Benefits

✓ Durable, scratch-resistant finish, reserving the nature beauty of your phone.  

✓ Sleek and silky design feels great in your hand. Comfortable access to the lightning port and buttons.

✓ Made with military grade aluminum to ensure maximum protection.

✓ Easy to install and remove from your phone.

✓ Compatible with wireless charging.

Featured product

The Original iPhone SpyCase™

The Original iPhone SpyCase™

$29.99 $39.99